List bowling games for kids that you should try

List bowling games for kids that you should try
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Bowling games for kids are one of the funniest games for kids. You can play these bowling games for pc with your friends if you want.

List bowling games for kids for free that you should try

Action Bowling 2

The next part is long-awaited of Action Bowling Free, bowling games best and most popular games on iOS with over 40 million downloads is finally available on Android! We’ve built the game from scratch to give you exciting gameplay and most addictive game with the feel of a simulation game realistic 3D bowling! You will love the physics engine, the new and improved simulate all the nuances of a professional game with the photo with an outrageous curve and pin action competition boom.

bowling games for kids

Avoid gutters and splits to win each frame by scoring spares, strikes

Prove your skills with action ten pin bowling practice, choose from the solo mode or multiplayer games in a bowling alley favorite. Avoid gutters and splits to win each frame by scoring spares, strikes, and turkeys on your way to 300 points bowling games for kids free elusive. When you have training, skills practice and solo play, challenge up to 3 of his friends to confront it directly on the same device with features pass & play.

With the ideal blend of multiplayer, emulator and 3D graphics, Action Bowling 2 is perfect to play together with your friends and your family, or to put yourself out of the way work boring or waiting room! With a variety of locations play unique bowling balls, custom graphics and crystal clear is the signature of the ownership of the Action Bowling franchise, free bowling games for kids delivers everything you expect from the simulation bowling 3D definitive on Android for free!

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Crazy Monster Bowling

Have you ever dreamed of being a Bowling ball going for the final impact with the pins are you waiting for?
Well, then play Crazy Monster Bowling and Roll, Jump and even Fly to get Strike of you! In Crazy Monster Bowling you find the entertainment bizarre you are looking for! Learn driver One-simple swipe within 1 minute and become a Strike-Master! To gain higher scores in this bowling games for kids online, you must collect stars on the way to the pins! Be aware of the plenty of obstacles which will take you down! The world and your friends will challenge you is the best!

bowling games for kids

Bowling games for kids – Be aware of the plenty of obstacles which will take you down!


  • Real physics
  • Control a swipe
  • Fun to play Singleplayer mode
  • Multiplayer *: Play against your friends on a mobile device!
  • Easy-To-Learn-Tutorial for
  • Compete with the best players in the world use the high score system unique (SWARM)
  • A lot of achievements are waiting to be released
  • Support Full HD 3D graphics
  • Beautiful scenes to jump through
  • Multiple Actions bowling games for kids to play
  • Roll, jump and fly through 8 worlds are designed by different hands
  • Roll through the lane was plastered to explode!
  • Jump through waterfalls!
  • Fly on a rainbow!
  • Attack as many times as you like!

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iShuffle Bowling 2

Do you like play bowling? Are you tired of playing traditional bowling? iShuffle Bowling 2 will introduce you to a world bowling completely. Bowling by random play, you can play single or challenge with your friends! Fly mode newly added, shoot Pucks with a slingshot, and enjoy the endless fun! Challenge different levels in this bowling games for kids online free, shoot out Pucks technically you can win all!

bowling games for kids

Challenge different levels, shoot out Pucks technically you can win all!


  • Stunning 3D graphics.
  • True and accurate 3D physics
  • Crowd reactions that reflect real-time results.
  • Simple controls, but challenging.
  • Bowling statistics and scores.

Random generator:

  • Move parallel Pucks in the bottom of the screen
  • Change the shooting angle freely
  • Draw up lightly to shoot out the Pucks
  • Hit down as many Pucks as possible
  • Points automatically accumulate
  • When two player mode, it will divide into red and blue Pucks

Fly Mode:

  • Pull down the slingshot to shoot, more down, more force
  • Change the angle launch direction spin the best
  • Bounce your finger to shoot out the Pucks
  • Hit more bowling pins as much as possible
  • Score automatically statistic
  • 2 bowling games for kids free online modes, it will split into red and blue Pucks

Fancy Play:

  • 3 Pucks available for each stage, you have 3 chances to beat all of the bowling pins
  • The new stage starts when all pins down
  • If any fail by 3 Pucks, the stage restarts
  • Less Puck, more stars
  • Try to get more stars in each stage

Special props:

  • Bowling pins: can buy some special props, such as pucks or other bowling pins
  • Bomb: one only, can hit down all bowling pins
  • Key: can open treasure box to hide the surprise gift.

Ansel & Clair: American Bowl

Ansel & Clair: American Bowl to help test your children’s knowledge about historical events, figures and symbols of America to be put into the bowling games for kids for free, bowling entertainment. However, although children can learn a lot about history when they answer the multiple choice questions, they will spend most their time trying to liberate bald eagles by knocking pins down, don’t focus on the event

bowling games for kids

Children are tasked with freeing 50 bald eagles has been kidnapped by a villain

Ansel & Clair: American Bowl is a quiz game social studies that challenge children to answer questions about the history of the United States. Children are tasked with freeing 50 bald eagles has been kidnapped by a villain. Then, they choose the level (easy, medium or hard) and select from 14 categories, including American, black history and The American revolution.

Kids then answer multiple-choice questions followed by the opportunity to play bowling games for kids free. At the lowest level, all the answers have the opportunity to bowl. At higher levels, kids must answer questions correctly before going to the bowling alley. Once they get to the bowling alley, they select a ball designed to represent a special symbol of the American people, choose shape pin, and let the ball fly. Knock down all the pins frees an eagle.

Finger Bowling 2

After the failure of his original’s hands, Bowlofos, the evil alien evil has decided to take revenge. He has set his sight on earth, the home planet of the Finger and have vowed to destroy the Seven wonders of our world! You are waiting for something? Get ready to save the Seven wonders !!

bowling games for kids

Select the starting position of the finger by pressing the Left key and Right


  • Visit the Seven Wonders of the world in this sequel to Finger Bowling
  • Wacky power-ups to experience bowling like never before
  • Easy and improved use of controls
  • Avoid out of the obstacles this world in the bowling lanes
  • The ability to control the bowling ball till the moment it hits the pins makes this stand out among all the free bowling games for kids.

Position: Select the starting position of the finger by pressing the Left key and Right to left and right. Source: Press navigation key/center, to determine the strength of the throw. Move: while rolling balls toward the target, press the Left key & Right to control the direction. The pause Menu: soft Key left. Icon Power-ups appear randomly on the bowling lanes before the roll and can be collected when the collision with the ball.

Spongebob Bowling

bowling games for kids

You can control how SpongeBob throw the ball by simply using your mouse

American Greetings together with Nickelodeon brings you a game of bowling fun for kids can help you have fun in some time. In this SpongeBob bowling games for kids, you have to help SpongeBob SquarePants to practice for league bowling underwater will happen in the next few days. SpongeBob will need to have a perfect score to win the tournament, meaning he will have to get all strikes. In this ball game for kids, you can control how SpongeBob throw the ball by simply using your mouse and clicking on the clock direction.

You have to click on the clams move and try to click on the clock when the clam in the middle. Click at the right time can make SpongeBob hacked. All his friends are on the sidelines cheering for them, you will see how much? They each appear every time you get a warning to try to discover how many people here are hidden. Game SpongeBob Bowling this is part of the Bowling Games Category, where you can find many free bowling games for kids can play for free, with some cartoon characters and favorite movies.


List bowling games for kids that you should try
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