Strike Bowling:3D Bowling Games – how to play bowling games

Strike Bowling:3D Bowling Games – how to play bowling games
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Game Features

・It is a free bowling application for people who have got tired of in bowling games!
・Let’s decide cool strikes and spares in lanes where various things are arranged!
・We prepared a number of stages with various obstacles.
・Let’s clear the stage full of obstacles and win coins.
・You can customize the ball, you can throw various curves and hooks.
・Since it is possible to change the length of the expected movement line of the ball, it is possible to throw it straight to the pin.

・Let’s customize by purchasing parts such as ball color with coins as you like.
・Multiple customized balls can be created.
・It is an exhilarating and classic casual sports game where you can play in a short time anytime, anywhere!
・Once you have grasped a knack, you can easily clear the stage.
・Although you can only throw a straight ball at the beginning, you can customize the ball variously enough to collect coins.

Operation method 

1: Let’s decide by moving the ball throwing position left and right.
2: Next, move the displayed line to the left and right to determine the direction to throw and set the aim.
3: Let’s throw the ball by swiping the screen at the end! Depending on the parts of the ball you can throw curves and hooks.

Rule explanation 

・It consists of up to 5 frames.
・You can throw twice each for the 1st to 4th frames, 5 frames can throw up to 3 times.
・If you can win a strike or spare you can extend the score.
・Because stars are attached according to the score obtained, stage clear is possible if it is possible to acquire at least one star.
・You can earn many coins according to the number of stars you can earn.
・Also, you can earn more coins according to your score.
・If you are unable to earn more than a certain number of scores, you can add frames at Continue.
・Let’s fill stars of all stages!

Recommended for people like this

・People who like bowling games
・People who want to get a good strike
・People who like refreshing games
・People who like sports games
・Those who are unsatisfactory with normal bowling
・People who want to enjoy crazy bowling

Update schedule

・Addition of bowling stage and difficulty adjustment
・Adjustment of operation feeling and direction

Strike Bowling:3D Bowling Games – how to play bowling games
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